Why are Criminal Defense investigators so important?

When you are arrested, the prosecution side of your case will typically have a large amount of resources they use to build their case against you. These resources include Police Officers, Detectives, Forensic Specialists, District Attorneys, the courts, and other expert witnesses.

Your representation will be a Private Attorney or Public Defender, who typically will be very qualified and attentive to your case. However, even the best Attorneys have a very heavy work load and very little time to dedicate to a more extensive investigation of your case. This is where an experienced Criminal Defense Investigator can assist your Attorney by thoroughly reviewing and scrutinizing your case.

Your case deserves to be fully investigated equally on the defense side. This is to ensure that proper legal procedures have been followed by law enforcement, any potential witnesses have been identified and interviewed, and any exculpatory evidence has been identified and brought forward. Once the prosecution has focused on you as the suspect in a case, there may be evidence or witnesses that are overlooked, but beneficial to your defense.

The burden of proof in your case is on the prosecution. Your attorney must defend your case by presenting evidence that creates a “reasonable doubt” that you committed the crime. Criminal Defense Investigators primary focus will be on identifying, locating, and documenting this evidence.