“Surveillance is the act of covertly observing, documenting, and recording an individual with the intent of learning more about that person’s associations, activities, and movements”

There are many reasons people and companies hire private investigators to conduct covert surveillance. Investigative surveillance is crucial when someone is looking into uncovering such things as false insurance claims, company theft, child custody issues, crimes, infidelity, or other dishonest behavior. At Resolve Investigations LLC, we have the training, experience, and equipment to accurately and discreetly observe and report the information you seek. We have over 25 years of surveillance experience in mostly criminal cases, and are highly proficient in locating and following persons undetected, even if they are counter-surveillance savvy. Listed below are just a few examples of the types of surveillance we perform.

Worker’s Compensation Claims

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims can be a financial nightmare for insurance providers and their clients. Unfortunately, this expense is passed down to the client companies and may ultimately impact the benefits provided to their dedicated employees. Surveillance is one of the most common methods that private investigators use to document evidence on the Claimant’s level of activity and range of motion. If the activities are, in fact, deemed outside the scope of their prescribed physical restrictions, the video may provide evidence which weakens or even stops payments of the workers’ compensation benefits.

Discretion is key in workman’s compensation cases. Too often persons involved in worker’ comp fraud are on the alert for outside’s attempts to catch them performing physically against the abilities of their injuries. Resolve Investigations LLC uses mobile and foot surveillance to place themselves in the best position to gather video and photographic evidence. Resolve Investigations LLC uses the utmost discretion to not alert the subject and embarrass our Client. When authorized to do so, Resolve Investigations LLC can perform interviews of known witnesses and search for additional witnesses to assist in a worker’s comp fraud investigation.

Trust Resolve Investigations LLC to recover the information you need and to do so professionally and in a timely manner.

Company/Internal Theft

In any business, there is always temptation for employees to steal or embezzle money or property from their employer. Employees can steal from you for any number of reasons, but that doesn’t make it right or legal. Workplace investigations involve identifying the employee responsible for the illegal activity, gathering supporting evidence, and presenting it to the client in a well-documented report. Some of the many benefits that the client can expect from Resolve Investigations LLC include reducing and recovering losses due to theft, improving morale in the workplace, and increasing profits.
Some of the methods used by Resolve Investigation LLC include surveillance, undercover investigations, interviews, and photo/video evidence. Our investigator will obtain the evidence required to release employees, provide facts and documentation for prosecution, and support litigation to recover losses. in any cash business, there is always the temptation for employees to help themselves. Integrity Investigations revolve around employees and their position of trust and reliability. This is any place where people are entrusted with something of value or anywhere

Child Custody

Resolve Investigations LLC can help you affect the court’s decision and aid you in obtaining custody of your child. See our Family Law page for more information.


Just having suspicion of a potential marital affair isn’t the same as having the facts and evidence to prove it. When you are going through a divorce or need evidence for peace of mind, we can find the proof you’re looking for. We will conduct mobile and static surveillance to monitor the activity of the subject being followed. Our goal is to identify locations, vehicles, persons the subject meets up with, and documented evidence of infidelity. We accomplish this through the use of high quality video, photography, and personal observation. See our Family Law page for more information.