Family Law

At Resolve Investigations LLC, we understand that Family Law matters can be a difficult and challenging time for you. Family Law cases typically involve Divorce, Child Custody, and Child support. If you are involved in a case such as this or you think that your relationship is headed in that direction, your best course of action is to gather and document supporting evidence to present to the court on your behalf. That’s where Resolve Investigations LLC can assist you.


If you suspect your spouse may be unfaithful or has hidden assets, it will be important for you to have documented evidence of his or her covert activity, especially if child custody might be involved. We can collect evidence of this activity using many different investigative methods including physical surveillance documented by photos and video, database research, social networking research, and witness statements. Asset search investigation could reveal undisclosed properties, vehicles, boats, or other items of significant value. As a spouse, you have a right to claim any assets that were part of your marriage.

Child Custody

The most important concern for most parents is the future of their children and knowing their children are in a safe environment. Reaching an acceptable agreement on child custody will be one of the most difficult parts of divorcing your partner. The burden of proof is yours to present evidence of instability or a pattern of irresponsibility for the child when the courts are making custody decisions as part of the court order.

In addition, as a Family Law Private Investigator we can gather clear and convincing evidence you can present if you seek to modify a child custody order that’s already in place.  Our investigators will utilize advanced surveillance techniques, witness statements, and database research (Criminal records) to reveal any evidence of:

  • Criminal activity
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Reckless driving and failure to use proper restraints (child seats and seatbelts)
  • Having criminals or dangerous individuals around the child
  • Leaving the child in the care of an unqualified, unapproved or unlicensed provider
  • Leaving the child in the care of an abusive or elderly parent who is unable to properly care for them

Child Support

If you are a parent that is receiving child support, what’s most important for your child’s welfare is timely and complete payments. The courts are very clear about when it comes to making child support payments and the penalties can be harsh if the order is not followed.

Unfortunately, many cases are not monitored due to a lack of government resources and they slip through the cracks. A Private Investigator may be able to help obtain evidence that will assist the courts in taking the required enforcement steps. Some of the circumstances that you may want to consider the use of a Private Investigator include:

  • You are unaware of where the other parent is employed
    The courts can order a parent to pay child support through wage garnishment. However, some parents that are trying to avoid paying child support through wage garnishing will claim that they are unemployed and get a new job elsewhere.
  • You do not know where the other parent is living
    Some parents will actually move or change addresses to avoid paying child support. This can be illegal to do so with the sole purpose of avoiding child support obligations.
  • You have reason to believe that the other parent has more income than reported.
    If your ex-spouse id claiming to be struggling to make child support payments, but his or her lifestyle contradicts this, a Private Investigator can assist by gathering evidence to verify your ex-spouse’s income.

    When your case comes up for a hearing we offer expert testimony, video recordings, physical evidence, documentation, interviews and affidavits.  We work to support your attorney in protecting your child and your custodial rights.