How Does an Investigation Begin and End?

At Resolve Investigations LLC, our investigations start with a meeting between the Private Investigator and the client to discuss their individual case. During this confidential meeting, we discuss what specific information the client is seeking to obtain. If we are able to assist the client, we discuss different investigative strategies to accomplish the goals of the case. If the client wants to move forward with the case, a retainer agreement with an agreed upon retainer fee is signed by the client and the investigator before the investigation starts.

Once an investigation is initiated, the investigator and the client will keep in constant communication. Communication is important because at times the investigator will need critical information from the client to push the investigation forward. This helps the investigation run more efficiently, while minimizing costs to the client.

When an investigation is completed, the investigator shall provide a comprehensive report to the client and any audio or video recordings, if applicable. This report will include the actions taken by the investigator, any intelligence and/or evidence obtained throughout the investigation, and if the goal of the investigation was achieved.


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